Before the Tour

Important Information & Rules

A full set of rules will be sent to Team Leaders.

Rules amended October 2012



The aim of the Competition is for a team of 3 to complete the course of approximately 50 miles within 24 hours, or the 30-mile junior course within 15 hours, adhering to these rules. Walking is defined as "completing the route on foot". By signing the entry form all competitors agree to accept the rules governing the competition.



A team shall consist of only 3 members, each of whom must be 15 years or over, on the day of the hike, or 14 years for the Junior Hike.

A team leader must be named on the entry form and be responsible for the team

Under 18's must have the signature of a parent or guardian on the entry form. Scout, Guide, Youth or School teams also need a leader’s/teacher’s signature.

An Ad-hoc team can be formed should a walker drop out during the walk and shall consist of not less than three, or more than five members. AD-HOC teams can only be arranged by staff members of the hike. A leader must be appointed and all equipment in Rules 9 and 10 must be carried. Ad-hoc members are not eligible for any trophies. A complete team may refuse to take on extra members, but if they accept, they will still be eligible to win a trophy. Junior and senior team members may ad hoc together however junior members under the age of 15 can not proceed beyond the 30-mile finish.



(A) A senior team whose total age does not exceed 54 years on the day of the hike.
(B) A senior team whose total age exceeds 54 years but is under 120 years on the
day of the hike.
(C) A senior team whose total age is over 120 years on the day of the hike.

(D) A team made up of members aged 14 to 17 inclusive on the day of the hike.

(E) A Senior or Junior team in which none of the members of the team have entered the
Tour de Trigs before



All competitors must register at Hike Control at least 90 minutes before their start time. Late arrival may be penalised. Each team will be required to complete a medical questionnaire.

Each walker will be issued with a tally at registration. Walkers must make sure these tallies are punched at Kit Check, Start, all Checkpoints and the Finish. Incorrect, incomplete, or lost tallies may likely to result in disqualification.

Personal Insurance

All competitors who are not members of the Scout and Guide movement must be adequately insured against personal injury and liability for the duration of the competition.

Packing List

Team Kit.
Each team must carry at ALL times: -
a: O.S. map 151 (1.50,000) 2nd series, in waterproof plastic bag/case or laminated.
b: Compass (Silva type).
c: Adult sleeping bag.
d: Survival bag, (not blanket) 2m x 0.5m.
e: Watch

Personal Kit.
All walkers must wear: -
a: strong walking BOOTS in good condition with cleated sole and ankle support. To complete this hike, we strongly recommend leather boots.
b: Walking trousers, close woven, warm and windproof (NO JEANS, THIN RUNNING PANTS, LEGGINGS, ETC.).
c: Reflective arm bands worn on arms, to be visible at all times.

All walkers must carry at ALL times: -
d: A standard torch with a minimum lens diameter of 40mm, spare batteries and bulb; or LED torch with minimum of four diodes and lens diameter of at least 25mm.
e: Food. E.g. digestive biscuits, fruit cake, chocolate, sandwiches.
f: Whistle
g: Hat and gloves
h: Plastic mug
i: Fully waterproof jacket and trousers
j: Spare sweater and socks.
k: First Aid kit to include a 10cm x 4m crepe bandage, blister plasters and safety pins.


In order to complete a hike like the Tour de Trigs, you need to be well prepared. Your body, your knowledge and your equipment will be put to the test. So make sure that you have trained properly, refreshed your outdoor skills and checked your equipment. You will find tips on this page that are very useful. more