Frequently asked questions

Can Solo walkers enter?

For safety reasons we ask that people enter in teams of three. It may be that you could join a team where someone has had to drop out. Jane our Bookings Secretary may be able to advise if there is such a team.

Head torches: I see that the rules clearly stipulate an LED unit with at least 4 diodes. Is it the case that this rule is not adhered to 100% and more emphasis given to light output. For example my own unit (Petzl Myo RXP) only has one diode but far exceeds other multiple diode units in terms of performance and efficiency and sees me well in night navigating in far more demanding situations.

We are constantly having to revise this rule as the rapid changes in head torches take place. Our main criteria are that not only should the torch allow viewing of the route ahead at night time, but more importantly on the road sections and crossings, that you are seen. That the torch should not fail and the teams have spare batteries. LED's do have much improved reliability these days. We will be discussing this and keep the web site up to date on our decisions

How many entries are still available at present?

There are plenty of spaces at the moment. Unfortunately it is the practice these days that entries by some are left to the last moment. We do have a cut off date in November. We also have a maximum number of team entries of 150 after that it is first come first served. If a team drops out we re-allocate a waiting team into that slot. We also like to encourage teams to enter early, as we have an early bird entry price